Starbucks will pay workers for 30 days whether they work or not amid coronavirus closures

Starbucks has announced it will pay its employees for the next month whether they are able to work or not following mass shutdowns amid the COVID-19 pandemic that have left many without employment. 

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After the company made the decision to close many of its locations, leaving open only those with drive-thru, delivery and take-out capabilities to limit human contact and stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, Starbucks said it is the company’s “responsibility” to take care of their employees.“We believe no partner should be asked to choose between work and their health,” wrote Kevin Johnson, Starbucks CEO and president. 

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FILE - General view of Starbucks coffee store closed during COVID-19 lockdown. (Photo by Stefano Guidi/Getty Images)

“We also committed to pay all Starbucks U.S. and Canada retail partners for the next 30 days whether or not their store is closed, or they are otherwise unable, or even uncomfortable, coming to work,” Johnson wrote. 

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Johnson posted a link to the letter on Twitter, urging other businesses to be inspired by Starbucks’ decision to pay employees, saying ,“not every decision is a financial one.”