Starbucks opens first Signing Store in US near Gallaudet University in DC

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Starbucks is opening its first Signing Store in the country in Washington, D.C.

The unique store is located at 6th & H Street near Gallaudet University and provides employment opportunities for Deaf and hard of hearing people. All workers will be fluent in American Sign Language.

Some distinctive features of the store include lower counters and tables, lots of light and no music to allow for easier hand movements and communication.

Camille Hymes, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Vice President of Starbucks says the new store gives customers a new perspective. "It's not just the connection but it's also providing opportunities for all," Hymes told FOX News.

Gallaudet alum, Matthew Gilsbach, is managing the store and says he thinks the idea will work. "We can be a profitable store. Take the risk. Hire deaf people and people with disabilities and hard of hearing people."

Customers can order by signing, using a chart, or writing out the orders.