Star Wars pop-up bar explores 'the dark side' of DC

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For a limited only, dark forces have taken over Northeast D.C. in a Star Wars-themed pop-up bar.

The force is strong at The DarkSide Bar, with galaxy-inspired drinks and entertainment that is out of this world-- some would say it rivals Jabba the Hut's own parties!

Lit with red neon, the dark and mercurial space is like something out of the Death Star. From intergalactic burlesque-- where performers hail from different planets-- to alien speed dating, live DJ, and games of chance, it's truly an immersive galactic experience.

While patrons are encouraged to come dressed in costume it's not required to enjoy the six themed cocktails made from different parts of the galaxy: Red Force, Blue Force, The Imperial, The Dark Side, The Galaxy, and The Mindtrick.

Admission is $33 per Jedi with on-line reservations and includes two signature cocktails. While walk ins are welcomed the cost is $40.