Stafford County looks to protect deputies from accidental overdoses

Officials are discussing ways to better protect law enforcement officers after a Stafford County sheriff's deputy was treated for an accidental overdose after he was exposed to fentanyl while arresting two suspects who had overdosed near a school.

The Stafford County Sheriff's Office and the Stafford County Fire Marshal's Office said the Clandestine Laboratory Operational Group (CLOG) has increased efforts to protect officers from the drugs they handle while making arrests.

Hazmat suits are used to prevent officers from being exposed to dangerous drugs and the suits can encapsulate officers, preventing them from inhaling contaminants with a breathing apparatus inside.

Law enforcement officers typically wear the suits entering labs for meth, PCP, THC conversion, and fentanyl.

In the video player above, Stafford County officials demonstrate the techniques being used to help protect law enforcement officers during the opioid epidemic.