Car break-ins on the rise in Springfield

Springfield, Virginia residents say they’re seeing an increase in car break-ins. 

Christina Sandoval contacted FOX 5 after her Ring doorbell video caught two men snooping around her neighborhood. Her video shows two men walking down the street, checking to see if car doors were left open. 

Recently, Sandoval accidentally left her car door unlocked. Criminals got inside, went through the glove compartment, and left a mess.

"Getting notifications every day from the Ring app and Nextdoor that something has happened and break-ins, it’s just really scary," Sandoval said. "It’s really frustrating because I’ve seen a lot of posts where they tell police and nothing happens … I’ve been here for 11 years and this is the first time it has happened to us."

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Neighbors have been chiming in on social media, saying they’ve seen the same men wandering around, and one neighbor had his laptop, iPad, and other technology devices stolen. 

According to data from Fairfax County Police, this year we’re already seeing a significant increase in personal property thefts from vehicles. Items like money, electronics, and auto parts like airbags, tires, rims, and catalytic converters are being taken more often than in previous years.  In 2020, there were 1,049 incidents; 1,019 In 2021; and 1,325 in 2022. 

Sandoval relayed a message from neighbors to the people violating their space: "Think of something productive to do to help the community and yourself instead of getting stuff from other people that they worked hard for." 

Police say this is a crime of opportunity so park in a well-lit area and always remember to lock your car door to try and prevent this from happening to you.