Source: FBI headquarters likely to relocate to Maryland

It will not happen in time for Christmas, but hopes are rising in Maryland that 2017 might bring a very big present to the state in the form of a new FBI headquarters building.

A source on Capitol Hill has told FOX 5 it is looking very likely that Maryland will land the facility when a final decision is expected to be made in March.

The source also said the presidential election may wind up being a big factor in this decision. With Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) as Hillary Clinton's running mate, there was speculation on Capitol Hill that had the Democrats prevailed, that could have swung the location of the new headquarters to Virginia.

But now, it appears Maryland is solidifying its position to be the new home of the FBI.

Three sites being considered for the FBI's relocation - Greenbelt and Landover in Maryland and Springfield, Virginia.

FOX 5 has learned that site requirements that have been placed on the winning location have right now put Greenbelt in the lead to win the new FBI building.

Before lawmakers left for Christmas break, Congress approved $834 million for the new building. However, the total cost of the project is $2.11 billion, and that does not include the value of the current FBI headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C., which may be traded to whoever builds the new FBI building.

The current J. Edgar Hoover FBI building was opened 42 years ago in 1974 during the Richard Nixon administration.