Soto Family Tragedy: Unraveling the loss of Ethan and Savanah – Here's what we know

The Soto family has lost two members in the past year; their 15-year-old son, Ethan, and pregnant 18-year-old daughter, Savanah. In the wake of these tragic deaths, we dug deep into what we know so far.

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The first sibling to pass was Ethan, who was shot on May 16 as a result of revenge for a drug robbery, according to San Antonio Police. 

San Antonio police say Victor Rivas, 18, wasn't happy with Soto for stealing THC-related drugs, so he used an underage girl to lure him out his home and shot him. 

The New York Post said, "according to Rivas's affidavit, he asked a girl on Instagram to set up a drug deal with Ethan and stated several times that he was looking for the person who robbed him and was going to catch him when he saw him".

Rivas had allegedly shot at Ethan's family’s home before the park shooting, but Ethan was not injured, according to the New York Post.

The New York Post also said Ethan’s mom, Gloria Cordova, tried to meet up with Rivas to pay for the drugs, but Rivas refused. 

The Soto family mourn the lost of their son, with family and friends returning to the scene of the shooting of Ethan wearing red while carrying candles and balloons to honor his memory. During Rivas's trial, AP news said Rivas, who was charged with Ethan's murder, was in a Bexar County courtroom waiting for a preliminary hearing when he was attacked.  The New York Post said Savanah's boyfriend was also seen on camera in court attacking Rivas. 

Just a year later, Ethan's mother, Cordova, lost her daughter Savanah Soto. 

Cordova said to KSAT, "Savanah knows what I went through with Ethan, and I know she doesn’t want me to go through this again."

Cordova told SAPD, that she became concerned when her daughter failed to show up at the hospital for her scheduled induction. Cordova filed a missing person report with the SAPD. 

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According to the San Antonio Police Department and AP news, Savanah and her boyfriend were found dead inside a parked KIA Optima on Dec. 27. Officials said the couple appeared to be dead inside the car for three or four days. 

AP news says Savanah and her boyfriend were reported missing by Leon Valley police a few miles northwest of San Antonio.

At the time of her death, Savanah was nine months pregnant, a week overdue, and scheduled to have an induced labor on Dec. 23, according to AP News. 

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Her family accused Guerra of being "abusive" toward the young mom-to-be. "I won’t allow you to be one of those statistics of what happens when u have an abusive boyfriend," her sister-in-law wrote on Facebook.

Bill McManus, the police chief, stated that his department is investigating a "very, very perplexing crime scene" involving the bodies of Savanah and Guerra.

In a press conference on Dec. 26, he said, "Deputies are now investigating this as a possible murder."