Sonoma man loses pregnant wife, mother and three children in fiery crash

 A Sonoma man lost five members of his family, including all three of his young children in what he said was a blink of the eye.

The family members were killed Tuesday night In a fiery car crash on Interstate 5.

"I'm heartbroken. I lost my whole family. And my mom. I feel terrible," said Jorge Colin in an interview with KTVU.

Colin said his wife, mother, and the children were driving back home to Sonoma from Mexico after visiting relatives.

Colin says he phoned his wife who was driving.

"I called her, [to see] how is she doing. What time is she getting home? She said two and a half hours. I said I love you. That's it. I hung up," he said.

Colin said just a few minutes later on Interstate 5 near Kettleman city her car swerved, hit a truck, and exploded into flames killing all five people in the car.

Colin said his wife Idalia Perez was a part-time har dresser in Sonoma.

"For me she was perfect. You say she was nice. Literally, she was one of the nicest people we ever met."

His mother, Martha Colin delivered the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat newspaper.

"She loved the grandchildren. She loved us."

Those children were his 10-year-old daughter Ixzel, 8-year-old Luis and one-year-old Jorgie. And their dad says there is one more victim.

"My wife was eight months pregnant. I lost four kids."

Colin says he is still making funeral arrangements.

A Gofundme page has been established to help with expenses.