Some U.K. employers offer 'pawternity' leave to pet owners

Having a child is a 24-hour job so it's no surprise that parents often have to call out from their paying job when their little one is sick.

In England the love for dogs is so strong some companies there offer what's being called 'pawternity' leave. The U.S. pet-insurance provider Petplan found that nearly 5 percent of pet owners in the U.K. were offered several days of paid time off to care for their fur babies.

In England your pawternity days may be used when your pet is sick and/or when you bring a new one home.

Pawternity shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. The U.K. also offers up to 39 weeks of paid leave for new moms of human bundles of joys.

Most dog owners are biased and would love for pawternity to become a law here. The reality is that it won't happen anytime soon. After all, the U.S. is the only advanced country in the world that doesn't guarantee paid maternity leave.