So far this pothole season, DC 311 has fielded 10,750 complaints

This time of year you hop in your car, and almost as quickly as you hit the gas, you'll hit a pothole too.

"They need to be fixed," one driver said Wednesday.

"The city needs to take care of them," said another.

In other words, potholes will get you angry, they'll get you frustrated, and in D.C., they might even get you to call 311.

"It's been a rocky road," said DC 311 Customer Service Representative Rochelle Norfleet when asked how pothole season is going so far. She's one of 87 call-takers who've fielded a total of 10,750 complaints about potholes since last October.

"Pothole season has been very busy," said Shannon Carr, another customer service representative.

So the question becomes -- how do you deal with all of those angry people?

"I just pretty much just ask about how their day has been going before the incident and the pothole, and we'll just have casual conversations like we've been friends for years," said Sabrina Williams.

The method is tried and true. After all, pothole season comes around every single year.

If you'd like to report a pothole in DC, there a lot of different ways to do it, including calling 311, texting "pothole" to 32311, tweeting @311DCGOV, and you can also go online to