Small business owner in Prince George's County finds stolen trailer

A 34-year-old small business owner in Prince George's County decided to take matters into his own hands after burglars stole nearly $40,000 worth of equipment used for his landscaping company. 

Kevin Moore, the owner of DLC DMV Landscaping and Jireh's Place Nursery, managed to find his own stolen trailer that was used to steal five weed whackers, backpack blowers, two expensive lawnmowers  and a power washer from his warehouse over two weeks ago. Moore says he spotted his trailer in a vacant lot in the 1700 block of Quarter Avenue in Capitol Heights and decided to call police. Prince George's County police ran the VIN number on the trailer, and it was a match to Moore's stolen trailer. There is still no word on his stolen items that he needs to get back to work.

"It's been an exhausting three weeks, this stuff is very exhausting mentally and emotionally. So you know I would just like to have my stuff returned," says Moore.

After hearing our initial reporting a local hardware store donated more than $500 to Moore and a landscaping company in Florida has loaned him equipment until he's able to get back on his feet. Moore has also received $8,000 from his insurance company. 

Police are still investigating this incident and ask that anyone with any information to give them a call.