Skimming concerns at Alexandria ATM

In Northern Virginia, customers are complaining on the Next Door app about an ATM in Alexandria. Residents say they believe it’s behind missing money from their accounts.

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The ATM in question is located at a Wells Fargo on Fern Street and N Quaker Lane in Alexandria.

At least three people have written complaints online describing being victims of skimming — that’s when your banking information is lifted from your card. The thieves then steal your money using a replacement card with your information.

FOX 5 brought these complaints to the Alexandria Police Department’s attention. They tell us none of these customers called police.

They did post specifics on Next Door’s app, including one woman who says $3,000 was stolen using her card information, even though she was in possession of her card.

Police sent out investigators to check the ATM for a skimming device and tell us one was not found.

Lieutenant Courtney Ballentine urges people to protect their banking information my covering the screen when they enter their PIN and paying close attention to the ATM for any attached devices.