Size matters: Florida man arrested for dinner complaints

A Florida man complaining about his dinner to police has landed in trouble.

The 51-year-old man was charged with misusing the emergency 911 line after he called dispatchers twice to complain about the size of the meal served to him at Crabby's Seafood Shack in Stuart.

Stuart Police received the back-to-back 911 calls from Nelson Agosto on December 18 complaining about the size of his seafood dish after he ordered and ate it.

Police said he complained the clams he was eating were so small that he didn't want to pay for them. So, he contacted police to settle the dispute.

In a 911 call released by the police department, Agosto told the dispatcher, "I ordered something, and it was extremely so small."

The dispatcher told Agosto to call a non-emergency line, but he told police he forgot the number.

Agosto was not taken to jail, but was issued a Notice to Appear Summons for Misuse of 911. He is scheduled to appear in court in January.

Listen to the full 911 call below: