Six Flags America becomes first Certified Autism Center theme park in DC area

Six Flags America has become the first Certified Autism Center theme park in the D.C. region.

The park will now have staff members trained to help guests who are on the autism spectrum. Each attraction will have a sensory guide and low sensory areas will be available at the park for guests with sensory issues to take a break.

The park will offer Sensory Sensitive Days on July 27 and August 17. On these days the park will be open to all guests but with reduced environmental triggers - like no park music when possible and signage highlighting surprise sounds and experiences. The park will also offer free noise-canceling ear plugs upon request and will open additional low sensory locations on these days.

Six Flags America

The Certified Autism Center accreditation is in partnership with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards. The IBCCES Accessibility Card program will be in use throughout the park and will feature a mobile app option for guests to use for assistance or accommodations.

The park is also introducing the Innovative Ride Safety Harness to most park attractions. The custom restraint harness can be used to accommodate riders with physical disabilities.

"Six Flags America is proud to be a leader in offering more ways for families in the DMV to create memorable experiences," said Park President Rick Howarth in a statement. "With enhanced training, our all-new ride safety harness system and new sensory-sensitive operating days, more families will be able to enjoy the park in new, better ways than ever before."