Singer-songwriter Alex Clare performs hit song 'Too Close' on Good Day DC

British singer-songwriter Alex Clare hit the charts in 2011 with song "Too Close" off his album "The Lateness of the Hour." He has since released two more albums, including his latest release "Tail of Lions."

He is looking forward to touring again and will be in D.C. on Monday night at the Rock and Roll Hotel.

The pop singer and performer is originally from the UK, but recently moved to Jerusalem, Israel with his family.

His new album was just released and tells FOX 5's Steve Chenevey, "There's realities you have to face as individuals, when you start a relationship with somebody, start a family -- all these things they take work and take effort. And as a songwriter, you have to write from personal experience. And this album is very much about that personal experience."

He will be performing at the Rock and Roll Hotel Monday night at 8 p.m.