Should teachers intervene in fights between students at school?

A lot of viewers have been talking about the video we showed you of a fight among students inside Wilson High School. A mother was upset that adults at the school didn't break up the fight sooner. However, many people are standing up for the school staff.

We have been getting a lot of feedback on this story with many commenting on our Facebook and Twitter pages and even a few of you have emailed us. They all agree the fight was terrible, but the major debate here is if teachers and other school employees should put themselves in harm's way to intervene in a fight like this -- and many of you said no.

A mother contacted FOX 5 after she watched video of her daughter being punched, pulled to the ground and dragged by her hair in this fight inside the school. Yet an adult nearby didn't stop it.

She was upset that the school employee you can clearly see in the video didn't break up the fight or even yell at the girls or scream for someone to get help.

But many viewers defended the staff member on social media.

Tom Eicholtz ?tweeted: "My wife is a teacher, if words don't work, there is no reason for her to get hurt too. Who needs the lawsuit?"

Jon Hussey tweeted: "There are security guards & Deans paid twice what teachers make to deal with discipline. But blame teachers?"

D.C. Public Schools told us they have no policy to instruct teachers to break up fights or to avoid them all together.

By the way, after seeing our story, another FOX 5 viewer sent us a video of another fight -- this time at Northwestern High School in Hyattsville, Md. It takes 52 second for an adult arrive.

Meanwhile, one email that caught our attention describes the dangers for adults at schools. That person wrote:

"I am an educator with two metal knees because I broke up a fight at school. I know a teacher who had a shattered ankle breaking up a fight. Nope ... never doing that again ... my life has totally changed because of the decision to step in."

Many people have been asking why not have more security? D.C. Public Schools told us there are nine security people working on staff at Wilson High School and one of them is a school police officer.

As for other school districts in our area, Prince George's County Public Schools says like DCPS, it does not have a policy in place for teachers.

We also reached out to the Washington Teacher's Union about this, but we have not heard back from them.