Several hurt when car crashes into San Francisco bus stop

Eight pedestrian were injured, three critically, when a vehicle struck two cars and then crashed into a crowd at a San Francisco Municipal Railway bus shelter Friday afternoon, police and fire officials said.

The collision was reported at 12:37 p.m. on Stockton Street between Sacramento and Clay streets. Late Friday night, an official who was at the scene told KTVU that three of the victims are in critical condition at SF General Hospital. Police say two victims were suffering from life-threatening injuries. The rest were expected to survive.

The victims ranged in age from 25 to 92 years old.

A small gray sedan struck two other vehicles and then ended up crashing into the Muni bus shelter mid-block, police Officer Robert Rueca said.

Surveillance video obtained from two businesses along Stockton showed the violent moment of impact. Footage from Cafe New Honolulu Bakery shows the glass on the Muni bus shelter shattering as a woman falls to the ground and a man backs away from the flying glass.

A witness who works nearby said he heard the crash and witnessed the chaotic aftermath. 

"I saw five people and a few people falling down on the street," says Gary Luo.

Police received multiple calls around 12:40 p.m. about the crash. It appears that the driver of the grey Toyota Corolla struck a parked black Mercedes.

The Toyota then struck a white Nissan before it jumped a curb.

The driver of the Nissan reportedly told police the Toyota struck the back of his car as he was driving along Stockton.

"At this time, it's unknown as to what caused the driver to do what she did," says Officer Robert Rueca, a spokesman for San Francisco police.

One official at the scene tells KTVU the driver of the Toyota did not appear injured nor did she appear to be under the influence of any substance and that she spoke coherently when she was interviewed.

Police have not released her identity. DMV records show that the Toyota is registered to a Sherry Lee.

Aaron Peskin, who represents Chinatown on the Board of Supervisors, was in the area when the crash occurred.

"There were a lot of individuals on the ground," he said. "Many were bleeding."

Peskin was seen helping a victim as first responders assisted the injured.

"There was blood all over the sidewalk," Peskin said. "It was a kind of pretty horrific scene."

About six hours after the crash, a crew started dismantling the severely damaged bus shelter. It took about an hour to complete the task.

Relatives of the 92-year-old victim told KTVU she's suffering from multiple fractures to her pelvis, leg, and ribs.

She was, however, able to speak with her relatives, saying the last thing she could remember was sitting at the bus shelter and waiting for the bus to go home.

Police have not yet said what charges, if any, the driver of the Toyota will face.

KTVU reporter Amber Lee contributed to this report.