Senior citizens get second chance at prom

A 101-year-old Florida woman is getting a second chance at prom.

Eleanor Bessin says she attended her prom on a boat in Boston with a man she had been planning to marry. However, he went off to serve in World War II, and when he returned, he developed cancer and died. She still carries his picture.

Student government leaders from TERRA High School planned a Senior Citizen Prom for about 75 seniors at the Palace Nursing & Rehab. "The students wanted to do an intergenerational program with The Palace," said Debbie Horvitz, Director of Activities.

The residents reminisced on their prom, created a new "prom" memory, had a prom court crowned, an abundance of food, and even posed for traditional prom portraits! Nursing home staff voted for a prom king and queen during Thursday's prom. "We receive volunteers on a regular basis from the school, so the relationship was already developed."

Evenildo Monzon was voted Prom King and there was a tie for Prom Queen between Florence Wasserman and Vera Borodowsky.