Send loved ones to the Moon ... in an urn?

Published August 24, 2015

The dream of space exploration is deeply rooted in many of us. We look up and see the stars and wonder what it would be like to soar into the heavens in a spaceship.

Now, a company called Elysium Space is promising to make that a memorial.

If you sign up for the service for a loved one, you can send a portion of their remains to a permanent resting place on the Moon. It's a brilliant idea, a way to honor the dead, and something that seems ripped from the pages of a sci-fi novel at the same time.

"The idea that humankind can look up at the Moon and poetically commune with its ancestors is probably as old as the human culture itself as a symbolic practice, and was even mentioned by anthropologists as an actual commemoration," Elysium CEO Thomas Civeit told

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