Second woman arrested in DC lawyer's stabbing death

A second arrest has been made in connection to the February murder of D.C. lawyer David Messerschmitt at The Donovan Hotel, D.C. police said.

Nineteen-year-old Dominique Johnson was arrested Wednesday morning. She is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. Her first court appearance will be Thursday. Police released no additional details.

Last Wednesday, police arrested 21-year-old Jamyra Gallmon. She is charged with murder.

Sources tell FOX 5 that Johnson is the girlfriend of Gallmon. FOX 5 has learned that the suspects lived together at an apartment on Good Hope Road in Southeast. Neighbors say the couple had very heated arguments in the past couple of weeks. They were in court being sued by their landlord last month, court documents show.

Gallmon has pleaded not guilty through her attorney who told the judge the stabbing death was a result of an "imperfect self-defense." Gallmon is being held without bond.

According to court documents released last Thursday, Messerschmitt used the Gmail address " dcguy456" to post an ad on Craigslist soliciting other men. Detectives say Gallmon used the Craigslist username "chrissanchez0906" to communicate with the victim. Messerschmitt, who was married to a woman, told the individual to meet him at The Donovan Hotel the night of February 9.

After her arrest on April 1, police say Gallmon admitted to going to the hotel that night with the intention of robbing the victim. According to the court documents, Gallmon said she walked into the hotel room and quickly turned to walk out when Messerschmitt got off the bed and grabbed her. Gallmon told police this caused a flashback to a memory of when she was assaulted.

At that point, she told police that Messerschmitt started fighting with her. She pulled a knife, according to the court documents, and stabbed the victim seven times, including one wound that went through his heart. According to the court documents, Gallmon said she stole Messerschmitt's SmartTrip Metro card. Cash was also taken, police said.

Police identified Gallmon through their investigation as the person of interest in the surveillance video who entered the hotel and walked up the stairwell to the fourth floor at around 7:44 p.m. on February 9. Police say email and cell phone records connected Gallmon to the crime.

We expect to learn more on Thursday about the evidence police collected that led to Johnson's arrest.

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