Season of Wishes: 8-year-old Addy battled cancer and stars in her own music video

We want to introduce you to Addy, she is eight years old and she beat cancer.

She was diagnosed with cancer at age 4 - in her case, the cancer grew as a tumor on her kidney.

Her mother Stacey said the diagnosis was heart breaking and that it stopped her world. "She was a calm, happy child," Stacey said. "And then when she was ill…that light was gone. So for us, we focused a lot on how to make that light come back."

With the help of Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic - that light has started to shine again. They worked with Addy to help her star in her own music video! Addy sang to Katy Perry's 'ROAR'- a video they watch often to see that smile return to her face.

And other people love to see that smile too! The video has been viewed online over 12 million times.

Mom says the video has become a happy memory - one that has helped replace the bad memories of going through he cancer treatment.

Watch the video here.

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