Sean Spicer reflects on time at White House in exclusive Good Day DC interview

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer dished on his time working for the president in an exclusive interview with Good Day DC on Friday.

Representing the face of the Trump administration for 182 days, Spicer said dealing with the scrutiny that comes with the job title was hard to handle some days.

"It's tough. There are days where it's well deserved. You make a mistake and you have to own it and know that you screwed up," he explained. "But there are days where it may not be well deserved and you see the comments on social media and it doesn't get any easier, but you do grow a thick skin."

Following his time at the White House, Spicer took time to reflect and wrote a book titled "The Briefing."

"I realized if I ever wanted my story to be told the way that I thought, from my perspective, I had an obligation to do it," Spicer said. "I felt that I was fairly candid in a lot of ways."

Spicer has remained in the spotlight after leaving the administration and when asked if it was more nerve wrecking to discuss his own life or take the podium as press secretary, he said it was a no-brainer.

"When you have to talk about yourself and your own views and beliefs, that's one thing. But when you're having to defend any principle or institution it's a lot harder," Spicer described. "You have a lot of competing interest and you have to make sure you're balancing those at all times so it's a lot more relaxing and a lot less intense when you're doing it for yourself."

Spicer will serve as a judge for DC's Dancing Stars Gala on Nov. 10 and had encouraging words for FOX 5's Erin Como who will be competing in the charity event. Before taking off from The Loft, Spicer also stepped in to help FOX 5's Tucker Barnes with the weather.

Watch Sean Spicer's full interview on Good Day DC in the video player above.