School sports hygiene and safety tips for student-athletes

Doctor Korin Hudson, Medstar sports medicine physician, a team physician for Georgetown University, assistant team physician for the Washington Wizards and the Washington Mystics, and a consulting physician for the Washington Capitals, joined us with sports hygiene and safety tips for student-athletes as the new school year begins.

Hygiene Tips

Skin-to-skin contact sports can increase the chances of getting skin infections. Limit the risk by:

  • Keep healthy habits like washing hands before and after workouts
  • Proper showering before and after athletics
  • Do not share towels, pads, or other equipment
  • Wipe gym equipment between use
  • Wash uniforms, towels after each use

Sports Safety Tips

Proper physical training leading up to the beginning of practices/games

Proper acclimatization to heat before beginning of practices/games. Training little by little in outdoor temperatures is important to get your body used to a hot environment.