'Scandal' star Tony Goldwyn campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Leesburg

If you are a fan of the hit television show "Scandal," you are likely familiar with Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant on the series. The actor, director and producer is also a Hillary Clinton supporter and he campaigned on her behalf at an event in Leesburg, Virginia.

In light of Tuesday's announcement by the FBI not to recommend charges against Clinton, we asked Goldwyn for his thoughts on how it might affect the presidential race.

"[FBI] Director [James] Comey was pretty tough on her, no question about that," he said. "He also exonerated her of any indictment. For me, what Director Comey said in no way, even though I don't dispute it, this email business in no way invalidates the extraordinary accomplishments of Secretary Clinton, and more importantly, it doesn't take away from what I believe she will accomplish for American families in the White House."

At Wednesday's event, Goldwyn spoke to women from across Loudoun County to encourage them to support Clinton. He spoke about the many reasons why he supports her and why Americans should vote for her.

"No one has ever been more qualified to be President of the United States than Hillary Clinton and what really blew me away beyond her policy positions which I agree with, I really discovered a woman who has been so consistent in her commitment for 40 years to the people she has been fighting for and that is children and women and American families who lack the resources to fight for themselves."