San Jose police arrest man in violent purse snatching caught on video

San Jose police have made an arrest in a violent purse snatching where a woman and her young daughter were dragged down a flight of stairs last week.

The incident was caught on surveillance video which shows the suspect approaching the victim from behind as she walked up a flight of stairs holding her daughter's hand.

The suspect grabbed the purse from the victim's arm, causing her and her daughter to be dragged down the stairs.

Huy Voung called 911. The robbery occurred right outside his law office. Voung said the child looked like she was four or five years old.

"The girl was crying," said Vuong. "The mom was screaming multiple times. I don't know if the mom or the child slammed on the ground or the wall but I heard a very loud noise like boom and that's when I rushed out. The mom and the child went flying down the stairs. That's crazy. For the girl this small, it was too dangerous."

Police arrested Pablo Cabrera in his San Jose home on Saturday and say they found evidence in the home connecting him to at least four other purse snatch robberies. Police say all of the victims were Asian females carrying expensive purses.

"We are fortunate this predator was caught before any more members of the public were victimized," said San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia. "It's just horrifying to watch that this guy is preying on women who are by themselves or in this case with a young child."

Garcia said Cabrera used an element of surprise in his "ambush" attacks.

Patrons of the office complex saw the video and are glad to hear an arrest was made.

"It's scary we need more security here," said Christine Nguyen of San Jose.

"It's all unexpected," said Melanie Tantingco of San Jose. "She's just minding her own business and he just comes out of nowhere."

Cabrera was on parole for burglary and has been booked into the Santa Clara County Jail for robbery and parole violation.

The mom and daughter did not suffer serious injuries.

KTVU's Azenith Smith contributed to this report.