Runaway horse startles spectators at Takoma Park July 4th Parade

A video posted on the Reddit subgroup r/washingtondc  shows a horse escaping its handlers at the Takoma Park July 4th parade.

In the video shot Thursday, performers are dancing in the street before a brown horse bolts by spectators. 

One woman can be heard in the background loudly exclaiming, "Oh my God, there’s a horse." 

"I was really caught off guard," said Dom Warren, a spectator at the parade. "I feel like they really should’ve had the horse on a rope or something because there were so many people out there."

The Takoma Park Police Department posted on X that there were no injuries.

"A horse, part of the parade procession, unexpectedly began running in the opposite direction of the parade route," the department said in a statement. "The situation was promptly managed by the skilled handler on Elm Avenue. During this incident, the horse grazed one person. Fortunately, the individual was not injured and did not seek medical attention. Our officers were on the scene and effectively maintained control throughout the event."