Rottweiler owner wanted after attack

HERNDON, Va. -- Fairfax County authorities are looking for a Rottweiler and its owner after the dog was involved in an attack last weekend.

The dog's owner, 51-year-old Diana Stein, is believed to have left the area with her dog.

The Rottweiler allegedly attacked another dog in the 100 block of Laurel Way in Herndon around 5:30 p.m. last Sunday.

The dog that was bitten suffered several wounds before witnesses separated the dogs. Stein also suffered bite wounds during the incident.

One man said the Rottweiler would often bark and try to come after his dogs while tied up on a chain when they would pass by.

He said his girlfriend and sisters witnessed Sunday's incident from their apartment balcony.

"This one time he just happened to break free. The neighbor picked up the dog, tried to get away, from what I'm told, down the street here," said neighbor Daniel Aguilar. "The owner of the dog, the lady, tried to grab the dog, and from what I was told, the dog bit the owner in the back. I think the shoulder blade. From then, they said the next thing they know, the owner of the dog got up and left and we haven't seen them since."

The Rottweiler has been involved in previous attacks and has been deemed a "dangerous dog" by the judicial system, authorities said.

Stein faces several charges in connection with the attack.