Rogue bovines on the moooooove: California cops escort cows home

Police in the North Bay had a busy morning on Tuesday after a pair of "rogue bovines" were spotted walking along the road near Safeway, quite a distance from home.

In a Facebook post filled with puns, Sebastopol Police Services shared a dashcam video from their officers who drove slowly behind the cows wandering along Healdsburg Avenue near the Safeway long before the sun came up.

WATCH: Cows moooove on the road

"Imagine the udder surprise of our officers when they were dispatched to a report of rogue bovine," the post read.

The officers discovered that the pair of cows had "completed their shopping and were mooooving back in the direction of home. Our officers escorted the wandering herd safely back to their field. It was quite the cattle-yst for an eventful morning."