Rock Creek will turn neon green for DC Water sewer study

People who head to Rock Creek on Friday may be tempted to look for a pot of gold. 

The reason is that parts of the creek are about to be dyed a neon St. Patrick’s Day-like green.

"I’m like, is it St. Patrick's Day tomorrow?," Emily Sherry said after seeing a picture released by DC Water to show what the creek could look like.

"I’m just waiting for the Mutant Ninja Turtles to come out," added Erik Schmidt.

Here’s why: DC Water officials said they plan to put a non-toxic, biodegradable green dye into Rock Creek, in the area of Piney Branch Parkway NW and 17 Street Northwest. 

It’s part of a major project to build a 4.2-million-gallon underground storage tunnel that’ll capture sewage combined with stormwater that would otherwise overflow and eventually make it into Rock Creek during heavy rains.

"What we’re trying to do is figure out how the pipes connect to each other," explained DC Water Spokesperson John Lisle, before adding, "It won’t be enough to turn this into the Chicago River."

Lisle said the dye is expected to dissipate fairly quickly, and it’s possible people near parts of Rock Creek may not see the neon green color at all.