Rideshare parking lot causing traffic problems in Crystal City

Homeowners and businesses in Crystal City say they need help. At issue? A parking lot for Uber and Lyft drivers at Reagan National Airport. It's an area residents say has become so busy, it's causing traffic jams and risking the safety of people in their neighborhood.

The lot in question on South Eads Street is where rideshare drivers have to wait for passengers who want rides to and from the airport. Drivers say the location works well for them, -- but at a restaurant nearby, they say the lot is causing a nonstop traffic jam on the weekend.

"They block the street from here to down there! To Glebe Road, they block all the street and they enter from a do not enter area, so this is a mess for the restaurant and a mess for all the people using the street from the evening time," Crystal City resident Muhammad Ashad told FOX 5.

Local civic groups say they want Arlington County to do something about the heavy traffic flow in the area. The groups say they have documented the problems caused by the lot, but discussions about solutions have "stalled."

Meanwhile, the rideshare drivers say they want to stay put. They told FOX 5 they're already too far from the airport and if they're forced out of this spot, it would only add to their drive times and fares.

FOX 5 reached out to the county Monday.

The civic groups say they haven't gotten a response to the letters they've sent.

The county says they're working on a response and will get back to the groups soon.