Residents upset over what they call offensive restaurant sign

After uproar, Utah restaurant statue loses prominent feature
HURRICANE, Utah (AP) - The small southern Utah town of Hurricane might become a little quieter after a statue of a copper bull lost its most prominent private feature this weekend.

Several residents in Utah are outraged and in disbelief over a sign placed outside a local restaurant.

Barista's Restaurant in Hurricane, put up a new logo of a bull that exaggerates the size of the animal's male anatomy.

Many feel the sign is offensive and over the top. Some are calling the sign R-Rated.

The restaurant's owner is fighting back, saying the sign is just a form of art.

"That $130, 000 amazing piece of art is going to draw more travelers and more tourists in here and that spells more money for Stephen Ward and they hate that and they hate me. And that's what it's about," said Ward, owner of Barista's.

According to media reports, petitions are being circulated asking the council "to refuse Barista's business license renewal."