Residents calling for more police presence after string of robberies in Fairfax County

More police presence may be necessary in a Fairfax County neighborhood after back-to-back thefts have been reported at nearby businesses.

Police say there is no connection between the incidents, but at least one resident is offering a solution -- more patrol officers.

A Home Depot, a nearby CVS and a Walmart in the Mount Vernon area of Fairfax County were all hit by thieves who stole merchandise and took off. This comes after nine delivery drivers were targets of robberies between January 13 and March 4.

The Home Depot incident took place about two weeks ago in the 7700 block of Richmond Highway. On Friday, the Walmart and CVS, also on Richmond Hwy., were struck -- police say all cases were likely shoplifting incidents.

Police tell FOX 5 despite how it sounds, there are no indications that there's a spike in crime in the area, but at least one resident wants to see more police.

"Maybe more patrols, just to keep an eye on things more carefully. I've seen the police here occasionally, maybe that's part of it, but maybe just stepping up the police coverage a little bit," said Kevin Haugh.

Another investigation is underway into a robbery involving shoes and a LetGo app transaction that took place in Springfield.

On Tuesday evening, Fairfax County police told FOX 5 they are planning to increase patrols in the Mount Vernon district after the rash of robberies and larceny cases.