Report: Families of ICE agents receiving threats

WASHINGTON (FOX 5 DC) -- Concerns surrounding potential immigration arrests continues to dominate headlines. While Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) is tight-lipped on any specifics, they did take a moment Wednesday to recognize the accomplishments of several agents, investigators and staff.

Inside ICE -- it's a rare experience. On Wednesday afternoon, ICE's Office of Professional Responsibility held their Associate Director's Awards, honoring several members' time served with the agency and their service. It's a side of ICE we rarely see. FOX 5 was the only media outlet in attendance.

What we learned for the first time is that several ICE employees and their families -- top staff to entry-level have been receiving threats amid growing scrutiny surrounding the border situation, detention centers and immigration policy specifically potential mass arrests of immigrants illegally.

Today's awards ceremony recognized employees working hard to not only do their jobs but also keep their colleagues safe.

This was the first of two awards ceremonies. The next one takes place in Dallas next week.

Most importantly, the overwhelming sentiment within the agency is disputing the stigma surrounding their work, politics aside.