Refugees entering Germany housed in former WWII concentration camp

Some refuges who have entered Germany are being housed in a former concentration camp, according to an online report posted by The DailyMail.

21 men who are seeking asylum in Germany are currently housed on the site of the Buchenwald concentration camp. Over 50,000 prisoners died at the Buchenwald camp during World War II.

The men live in the barracks and are being given money by the government to spend on food and supplies, according to the article.

The men have submitted their applications and are waiting for them to be returned.

The German government says refugees will continue to come to Germany after it introduced controls on the border with Austria but it hopes they do so in a more orderly manner.

Germany introduced the border checks Sunday after thousands came in by train over the past week. In the southern city of Munich, by far the main point of entry, 12,200 migrants arrived Saturday and 7,100 came Sunday.

Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said Monday that "temporary border controls are not a closure of the border."

He added "refugees will continue to come to Germany. We hope that this can happen in a more orderly process and in a pan-European process in which every state does its duty in solidarity."


The Associated Press contributed to this report.