Redskins fan selling "Fanbulance" to highest bidder

Have $8,500 and a ton of Redskins pride? Do we have an offer for you!

Zachary Crowe, of McLean, is looking to sell his incredible Redskins "Fanbulance."

Crowe posted the converted RV ambulance on Craigslist earlier this week, writing that it seats six to eight die-hard Skins fans comfortably and is great for tailgating.

"I am really torn about selling," Crowe told FOX 5. "My wife and I debated a lot, she has asked me to get it out of the driveway... but with two little kids now, it's really hard to get out and tailgate, so my main motivation is getting it in the hands of somebody who still makes every game."

For her part, Crowe's wife, Katie, says she isn't forcing her husband to sell the "Fanbulance."

"We joked about how I was thrown under the 'Fanbulance,'" Mrs. Crowe said. "I just said 'get it out of the driveway' cause it's been sitting here for a couple of months."

If the vehicle's aesthetic charm isn't enough to convince you to put in an offer, Crowe has one feature that tops all the rest.

"There is a satellite dish on top, so you can watch the Cowboys lose after the Redskins game!"