RECALL ALERT: Zen Magnets, Neoballs Magnets recalled due to ingestion hazard

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a mandatory recall of high-powered magnetic balls and cubes due to an ingestion hazard and risk of death.

The recall involves about 10 million Zen and Neoballs Magnets.

"When two or more high-powered magnets are swallowed, either accidentally or intentionally, the ingested magnets can attract to each other, or to another metal object, and become lodged in the digestive system," the CPSC said in a statement Tuesday. "This can result in perforations, twisting and/or blockage of the intestines, infection, blood poisoning, and death."

The CPSC says Zen Magnets is aware of two children who ingested their magnets and required surgery to remove the magnets and parts of their intestines and bowels. CPSC is also aware of other reports of children and teenagers ingesting high-powered magnets and requiring surgery, they said. A 19-month-girl died after ingesting similar high-powered magnets, the CPSC added.

Here are the recall details:


This mandatory recall involves all Zen Magnets and Neoballs magnets. Zen Magnets and Neoballs are high-powered 5 mm spherical magnets. Zen Magnets were sold individually and in sets of 72, 216 with 6 spares, and 1,728 with 8 spares. Neoballs were sold individually and in sets in the following colors: silver, gold, red, orange, green, red, blue, and purple. "Zen Magnets" or "Neoballs" is printed on the packaging.


Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled magnets and contact Zen Magnets LLC for a refund.


Zen Magnets LLC is aware of two children who ingested Zen Magnets and required surgery to remove the magnets and parts of their intestines and bowels. In addition, CPSC is aware of other reports of children and teenagers ingesting high-powered magnets and requiring surgery. A 19-month-girl died after ingesting similar high-powered magnets.

Sold At:

Online at and and certain Colorado retailers listed below beginning in January 2009 for between $12 and $264 per set, or individually for 6 to 10 cents per magnet.

Colorado Retailers of Zen Magnets

Botanico, 3054 Larimer Street, Denver, Colo.80205

Chronic Life, 12 Federal Boulevard, Denver, Colo. 80219

The Glass Hut, 1350 South Sheridan Boulevard #9, Denver, Colo. 80232

The Hemp Center - Colorado Springs, 2501 West Colorado Avenue #106, Colorado Springs, Colo. 80904

The Hemp Center – Littleton, 2430 West Main Street, Littleton, Colo. 80120

Herbal Alternatives: New Broadsterdam, 2568 South Broadway, Denver, Colo. 80210

Herbal Dazed, 6525 Federal Boulevard, Denver, Colo. 80221

Hobby Town – Aurora, 1915 South Havana Street, Aurora, Colo. 80014

Hobby Town – Lakewood, 3355 South Wadsworth Boulevard, Lakewood, Colo. 80227

Lightshade on Holly, 3950 North Holly Street, Denver, Colo. 80207

Lyon's Finest 2, 11080 East 47th Avenue, Denver, Colo. 80239

Meadowlark 64, 2701 Larimer Street, Denver, Colo. 80205

MK Vapor, 10273 East Iliff Avenue, Aurora, Colo. 80247

Nimbus Smoke Stop, 2960 South Federal Boulevard #7, Denver, Colo. 80236

Octpipe, 5303 Leetsdale Drive, Denver, Colo. 80246

Science Toy Magic, 11 Old Town Sq., Fort Collins, Colo. 80524

Secret Stashh Gifts, 3655 Brighton Boulevard, Denver, Colo. 80216

Soldis, Colorado Mills Mall, Lakewood, Colo. 80401

Vaper Jungle, 7033 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colo. 80220


Zen Magnets LLC, of Denver, Colorado

Manufactured In:


Recall number:


Consumer Contact:

Zen Magnets LLC toll-free at 1-844-936-6245, email at, or online at URL and click on for more information.

The CPSC issued these safety tips to prevent serious magnet ingestion injuries and deaths:

Make sure your children, including teens, understand the magnet ingestion hazard and to never put magnets near their mouth or nose. It is important to explain that magnet ingestions often occur accidentally while playing or using the magnets like piercings.

Remove magnet sets, small magnets and small pieces containing magnets from the homes with children who might mistakenly, or intentionally, swallow them.

Look out for loose magnetic pieces–and regularly inspect toys and children’s play areas for missing or dislodged magnets.

Seek immediate medical attention if you suspect your child may have swallowed a magnet.

Look for non-specific abdominal symptoms, such as abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. In some cases, these and other symptoms may not appear until after serious internal injury has occurred—do not wait for symptoms.

Note that objects in x-rays may appear as a single object that could actually be multiple magnetic pieces separated by trapped intestinal walls.

Check to make sure your children’s magnetic toys have not been recalled. If they have been recalled, stop using them immediately, and get the remedy offered by the firm.

To learn more about how and why magnetic balls are so dangerous to children, please go to