Prince William County man looks for approval to run home-based firearm business

A Northern Virginia man is hoping Prince William County’s board of supervisors will approve his request to operate a firearm business out of his home.

The board meets tonight and there’s reaction on both sides of the issue, including from residents in the neighborhood where the man lives.

Robert Dawson lives less than five minutes from Potomac Shores, a residential community, also home to several schools. The latter creating concerns for some residents when it comes to Dawson’s idea to operate a home-based firearm business. In fact, their fliers were plastered on front doors urging residents to attend tonight’s board meeting and encourage supervisors to vote against Dawson’s request.

The Prince William County Board of Supervisors will vote tonight to approve or deny Dawson’s application for a federal firearm license, which would be the final approval needed to allow Dawson to operate a home-based firearms company. The license would allow customers to pick up their already purchased firearms from Dawson’s home after he performs a background check per state and federal requirements.

Tonight’s decision comes after the board already rejected Dawson’s request back in September. He appealed, and the board agreed to hear about it again tonight.

If approved, Dawson would be able to not only sell firearms online but also provide background checks and transfer already purchased firearms to customers in person.

There are already dozens of similar home-based businesses operating across the county, and we’re told the same day Dawson’s request was rejected, a similar request for a home-based gun store in Manassas was approved.