Providence Hospital in NE DC considering scale back of maternity and mental health care

A northeast D.C. hospital is undergoing changes including a proposed scale back of obstetric care and mental health services.

Providence Health System wants to transform their health facilities into a "Health Village," focusing on personalized care including both health and non-health services.

However, the hospital is also considering a scale back of obstetric and behavioral health care. Changes could come as soon as this fall.

Officials assure that the District is not responsible for the proposal.

Earlier this month the United Medical Center in southeast D.C. was ordered by D.C. to stop delivering babies because the District had identified problems with mothers as they were delivering babies in that facility.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bower says the Department of Health is monitoring the situation and directing people to places where they can get the prenatal and behavioral health care they need.

Providence Hospital has not spoken about whether the development of the Health Village is related to the scale back of obstetric and behavioral health services.