Protesters rally against Buc-ee's development in Stafford County

Protesters gathered outside the public safety center on Wednesday, opposing plans to build a Buc-ee's in Stafford County.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin urged them to research the positive impact a Buc-ee's could bring to the area.

The massive gas station and convenience store could call Stafford home in the coming months. 

Governor Youngkin was in the county Wednesday afternoon to sign an unrelated bill. Protesters wanted to make sure they were seen and heard. 

They started gathering at 2 p.m.

Less than a handful showed up.

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"We’re not against development, but we don’t think Buc-ee's is the right type of development to come into our area," said Darla Stencavage. "Per Buc-ee's numbers, they're saying 20,000 cars per day into the area that's usually in the top five worst traffic areas in the nation."

"Buc-ee's is an extraordinary company, and if anybody looks into how they're responsible for their community and provide extraordinary jobs where people have careers that last careers. They're a great addition to a community," Governor Youngkin told FOX 5. "They are also one of the most cherished additions to a community, so I would just ask folks to spend time getting to know them."


Proposed Buc-ee's in Stafford faces opposition from neighbors

Some neighbors are fighting a proposal to bring the popular, Texas-based, mega-gas station "Buc-ee’s" to Exit 140 on I-95 in Stafford County, Virginia.

Governor Youngkin was in town to sign a bill that would protect children from exploitation, increase penalties for child predators, and improve the response for missing children.

Even so, the protesters believe their presence and signage alone could make a difference. They say lawmakers are trying to push the Buc-ee's development against residents’ best interests, and that Buc-ees' is "political wrangling."

Buc-ee's was discussed at an economic development meeting that was reportedly supposed to be for local businesses.

Supporters of the Buc-ee's development believe the business alone will attract droves of potential consumers from county-wide and beyond.