Protesters light fire outside 'DeploraBall' party in DC

Demonstrators gathered outside the National Press Club in Washington D.C. to protest the DeploraBall party being held at the venue Thursday night.

According to the event's Twitter page, all 1,000 tickets for the event were sold out and consists of Donald Trump supporters celebrating his inauguration.

Hundreds of protesters were seen outside of the building yelling "Shame!" at DeploraBall attendees entering the building as D.C. police officers lined the front of the National Press Building. Chants of "No Trump. No KKK. No Fascist USA" were also heard. Some protesters were also seen lighting a fire with signs and flyers on the street.

In a statement from National Press Club president Thomas Burr, the organization said:

"On Jan. 19, the National Press Club will be the venue for a private, client-paid inaugural ball for supporters of President-elect Donald Trump - as we have for incoming presidents of both parties for decades. Inaugural parties are being held at scores of venues in the Washington region as is generally the custom.

"This is not an event sponsored or endorsed by the National Press Club."

This protest was one of several listed by the protest group Disrupt J20. They plan on have more protesters disrupting inauguration events held on Friday with plans to demonstrate at security checkpoints along the National Mall and the inaugural parade route.