Protesters arrested outside NRA HQ after assault weapon ban demonstration

Nearly 20 protestors were arrested outside of the National Rifle Association headquarters in Virginia Tuesday after a staged demonstration calling for the ban of assault weapons. The demonstration came over a week after a shooting at an Orlando nightclub left 49 dead.

Members from the group CODEPINK, as well as other activists, slept at the Fairfax location overnight to honor those killed and injured when gunman Omar Mateen opened fire inside of the Pulse nightclub last week.

The vigil tuned into an act of civil disobedience around 9 a.m. when protestors sprawled on the ground and drew chalk lines around their bodies to represent the victims of the shooting. Protestors also held signs and used red paint to symbolize blood.

On Monday, partial transcripts of a 911 call made by Mateen, and three conversations he had with the police crisis negotiators during the shooting, were released.