Professor who predicted Trump's presidential victory now makes case for his impeachment

He's correctly predicted the outcome of every presidential election since 1984, and now Professor Allan Lichtman has another prediction: That it's very possible President Donald Trump will be impeached!

His new book, "The Case for Impeachment" lays out several possible scenarios that could lead to the downfall of the Trump White House.


"For my prediction on elections, I have a formal model that's been tested predictively for over 30 years. I don't have a formal model for impeachment because there haven't been enough impeachments," Lichtman told when he visited FOX 5.

He said instead, he used a deep study of the history of impeachment, the process of impeachment, Donald Trump's career, and Donald Trump's actions in his first couple of months as president.

From this, Lichtman say Trump is more vulnerable to impeachment than any other president in the history of our nation.


Lichtman says he's looked at eight possible grounds for impeachment based on Trump's history and his actions as president so far.

He said Trumps is the first president in history to be under serious investigation for possible collusion between his team and an attempt by a foreign power to undermine our democracy. He says Trump has not to divested himself from his business interests. Lichtman also says Trump has a history of flouting the law and a history of lying.

"He has a history bragging about sexual assault and maybe about a dozen women have accused him of sexual assault and voyeurism. That's a lot of baggage to bring into the presidency," he said.


Lichtman said Republicans may be ready to move against Trump if they feel he should go. He said the small percentage of GOP lawmakers need to move on impeachment, the fact that the 2018 elections are near and the idea that Trump has no loyal allies in Congress may all be factors in a possible ouster.

Plus, he says, Republicans love Mike Pence. With Trump removed, Lichtman say a Pence / Ryan White House could be a possibility.


"Everyone is at risk of political liability in impeachment," he said. An unpredictable Trump may fight a possible impeachment or may embrace the return to his business empire.

Lichtman says the timeline for a possible impeachment is better than 50 / 50. He said shortly before 2018 mid-term elections or shortly after the mid-terms.


Lichtman said he received a personal not from President Trump after he predicted his White House win. "I have a whole chapter which says -- President Trump, here's the way out. And I lay out eight scenarios that he can use to avoid impeachment for the good of the country," he said. "Remember this is the good of the country - we're not talking about just the individual."

He's not expecting a note about this one.


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