Professional cuddling coming to Maryland

Professional cuddling is coming to Maryland.

Rob Andrews, his wife Tiffany and a business partner plan to open a cuddle store called Tender Embrace in the Columbia area sometime this year.

The idea came to them because of difficult times spent apart when Rob was deployed while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps.

For as little as $40, you can cuddle with a stranger for a relaxing and stress free session.

The company lists Double Cuddles for $120 and an Overnight Cuddle session for $500.

There is Entertainment Cuddle that includes movies or video games with snacks or beverages.

The company says it's completely safe, platonic and therapeutic and their website has pictures and biographies of the three cuddlers who are already on staff.

Some of the rules include arriving for your session recently showered, without perfume or cologne and try to have fresh breath.

Under the Frequently Asked Questions section online, the company addresses what to do is a "natural reaction" occurs.

The cuddler may request a change in position to make sure the session stays platonic and safe.

If you are interested in becoming a cuddler - they are hiring!