Pro-Palestine protestors call for a ceasefire, march to the White House

Hundreds gathered in front of Capitol Hill Friday afternoon calling for a ceasefire in Israel, just days after hundreds of pro-Palestinian protestors were arrested inside the Cannon Rotunda Wednesday. 

The peaceful protest started with prayer. They then marched from the Capitol Building area to the White House – some chanting "Biden, Biden, you can’t hide."

Protestors called on American political leaders to stop funding war efforts in Israel, barely 24 hours after President Joe Biden's speech calling for more $100 billion in support for Israel and Ukraine.

"I feel it's wrong to give money to Israel right now, because the country needs it more right now here in America," said one protestor to FOX 5. "Why don't you take care of your people first before you give money and supply them with weapons to kill children over there in Gaza?" 

The event was permitted for around 500 people and included mostly members of the Palestinian or Islamic community calling for a cease-fire. Several other community members, including D.C.-area Black activists, also joined in the pro-Palestine march. 

"I just wanted to be a part of this. I wanted to have a good deed of praying with everyone. It’s been a very emotional time for all of us, I think. It’s been hard for us to focus on studies with everything," said one George Washington University student to FOX 5.

Some protestors told FOX 5 that even if you do not know the history between Palestine and Israel, they believe calling for the bloodshed to end is what everyone should stand for.

"We are here for the sadness in Gaza, as well as Palestine in general," said one protestor to FOX 5. "Peace is good for everybody."

Protests Wednesday, led by Jewish Voice for Peace, similarly called for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Protestors entered the Cannon Rotunda on Capitol Hill one by one throughout the day, until hundreds had amassed as part of the demonstration. Roughly 300 protestors were arrested, as demonstrators continued on to protest in front of the Israeli Embassy.