Pro-life supporters protest opening of new abortion clinic in Bethesda

A late-term abortionist has opened up a brand new clinic in Bethesda and pro-life supporters are not happy about it.

Protesters held a vigil on a public sidewalk in front of the Wildwood Medical Center on Old Georgetown Road. They even passed out flyers in neighborhoods and waved signs at drivers hoping to spread the message.

The group was campaigning against Dr. LeRoy Carhart, one of the only doctors in the nation to perform late-term abortions and partial birth abortions. Carhart's clinic in Germantown was recently closed after being bought by an anti-abortion group, so he suspended East Coast operations.

But the protesters say he is trying to operate without a license and they want residents and area businesses to put pressure on the state and the building's property management company to kick out

"It devalues the property all around," said Lauren Handy, the founder of the pro-life group Mercy Missions DC. "We have seen that across the country and that is one of the messages that we are bringing - Carhart is bad for business. Abortion is bad business." said in a statement:

"Without meaningful access to care, one cannot exercise their reproductive rights. We are always hopeful about plans for any new clinic in Maryland knowing that additional sites will help make access a reality for more families in our state."

FOX 5 also asked about the clinic's operating license. A representative for the company said it is working with authorities in Maryland to be fully licensed and in compliance with the law. However, it would not go into further detail about it.