Pro-life group removed from Women's March on Washington

The Women's March on Washington granted 'New Wave Feminists' partnership on Friday, but were soon after removed from the march's list of partner organizations.

'New Wave Feminists' is a non-profit organization that describes itself as "Badass. Prolife. Feminists." The organization expressed interest in partnering with Saturday's Women's March on Washington and received official confirmation via email from The Partnerships Team at the Women's March on Washington on January 13. Adding to the confirmation, New Wave Feminists was also listed on the website as a partner.

Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, Founder and President of New Wave Feminists, explained that a friend soon noticed that her organization was no longer listed as a partner, after what she described as backlash over her group's pro-life mission.

Herndon-De La Rosa reached out to the Women's March about the removal, but says has not received any correspondence in response.

"While certain people at the march obviously are going to disagree with that stance, we felt like we brought a unique voice and opinion to the march, and ultimately, that is what they should be creating. Right?," Herndon-De La Rosa explained in reaction to her group's removal from the Women's March. She further articulated what she feels the march's mission should be. "…diversity and inclusion of thoughts and ideas. How can we serve women better? How can we represent the full spectrum of women and their beliefs? And even if we disagree with them, still be empowered by the dialogue and exchange of ideas."

Nearly 400 partners are listed on the Women's March website, and the list includes groups such as FREE THE NIPPLE, EMILY'S List, Georgetwon University College Democrats, National Abortion Federation, #VOTEPROCHOICE, Planned Parenthood, and YWCA USA.

The march is described as a grassroots effort, with reports of as many as 200,000 expected to attend on Saturday's march. The website lists eight unity principles, including reproductive rights. Herndon-De La Rosa believes that principle was added after the controversy involving her organization.

The Women's March on Washington did not immediately return Fox 5's request for comment.