Private security expert says placing private cameras in ‘unsuspecting’ locations could help deter porch pirates

It’s that time of the year again so watch your holiday packages because thieves, also known as porch pirates, are.

K. Campbell with Blue Glacier Security & Intelligence in Bowie spoke with FOX 5 Monday saying that while private cameras such as Ring or Nest can assist police with catching the thieves, how a homeowner uses them, can help prevent the crime from happening.

“A risk assessment can help you decide why you need a camera, and where you need to place them,” said Campbell. “Sometimes it’s about lighting, sometimes it’s about signs and in other times it’s about certain types of bushes or shrubbery you might have around your home.”

Earlier this month in Accokeek and Ft. Washington, two women stealing packages were caught in the act on private cameras. Thanks to the images, county police identified, arrested and charged them both.

Police departments across the region, including Montgomery, Fairfax and Prince George’s counties, said that this isn’t a new crime but certainly becomes rampant as we inch closer to the holidays.

Campbell said that while the cost associated with safeguarding your home to the fullest can be daunting, there are some other, less expensive yet effective options.

“Cameras these days can be very inexpensive, $50 even,” explained Campbell. “Just make sure that it’s a type that records, because they don’t always do that.”

Prince George’s County Police said how you utilize your existing technology can also play a part in deterring anyone trying to step on to your property and taking what belongs to you. 

“Turn up your sensors because that helps to detect when someone is close to your house or walking on the sidewalk so that we can catch these thieves while they are in action,” explained Cpl. Kyndle Johnson.

FOX 5 contacted both UPS and USPS about how each company is addressing the issue, and UPS said that while they aren’t responsible for stolen or misplaced packages customers can request to have their items delivered at a certain specifically chosen location such as a shed in the back yard, a garage — or even a neighbor or your workplace.