Private memorial held for Prince at church in Minnetonka, Minn.

It's been nearly four weeks since the world lost a Minnesota music icon. On Sunday, there was some closure for those paying their respects at a private event at Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Minnetonka.

Traffic cones lined the small streets in front of the church as far as the eye could see. Hundreds showed up for the 5 p.m. memorial, prompting dozens of police from several agencies including Minnetonka, Hennepin County, and Carver County.

The people who attended stayed fairly private about the specifics, but painted a picture of a simple and beautiful service that stayed true to both Prince and his religion. They said there was lots of singing and storytelling.

"It was calming," said Urusla Love, who attended church with Prince. "It was beautiful. A lot of love in the air. I would say lovely, actually."

While the event included many from Prince's church community, his sister Tyke Nelson said his family was not involved.

"So Let me make myself VERY CLEAR! I nor my brother's remains will be present at any Memorial or Funeral services, until the families Memorial/Funeral/Tribute," she posted on social media. "Please Don't misunderstand...The grief process is a unique experience to each individual and Therefore I support any and all Memorials or Funerals that have happened and/or are being planned."

Tyka went on to say that the family is hoping to have a memorial or tribute for Prince sometime in August.

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