Prince William County officer spends time community policing on skateboard

A police officer took some time to perform some community policing with some youngsters working on their skateboarding skills outside of a Virginia courthouse.

Real estate agent Patrick Cloud was in the area of the courthouse parking lot when he came upon Prince William County Police Officer Tyler Simmons with the teenage skateboarders. But the officer was not there trying to make them stop and leave. Instead, Officer Simmons got on a skateboard and tried to pull off some sweet skateboarding tricks of own.

Cloud recorded the officer's interaction with the teenagers and posted the video on his Facebook page, which has been viewed nearly 100,000 times in one day. Cloud said Simmons told him he was a community involvement police officer.

"That's so great to see so many people enjoying such a great, silly, spur of the moment video," Cloud wrote in the comments section of his Facebook post. "We live in THE BEST community in VA!! Thank you officer Tyler Simmons for being such a great asset to our neighborhood!!!!"

"Thanks for hanging out for the fun," Officer Simmons wrote in response to Cloud's post.

Other people who posted on Cloud's page also thought this was a great example of community policing.

"That wasn't the interaction I had with police skateboarding as a teenager! I'll skip the horror stories. Glad to see it's better," wrote Randohn Cornell.

"We as people and life should remember there doing there job there people and family ,thanks for sharing," wrote Hilton Carter.