Prince George's County teacher claims principal assaulted her at elementary school

A Prince George's County teacher said she was physically assaulted by the principal of her school earlier this month.

The altercation happened two weeks ago at Ardmore Elementary School in Springdale on June 12. School officials would not say if the incident became physical, but both the teacher as well as principal Georgette Gregory were placed on leave.

On Wednesday, Sennieal Crutchfield broke her silence and claimed students witnessed the alleged assault. Police and an ambulance also responded to the school after the altercation.

According to Crutchfield, there was miscommunication about the schedule for students that day. She claims Gregory got angry, called her an expletive and then accosted her in the school's parking lot.

"As my client attempted to walk away, the principal blocked her path and physically bucked her, attacking several times, preventing my client, Ms. Crutchfield, from leaving," said Crutchfield's attorney Charles Tucker. "What we now know is that there were students doing cleanup duty who were in the window, who witnessed the incident."

In a letter to parents, the school district acknowledged that students could have seen the altercation. There also may be video from school surveillance cameras.

A school spokesperson said he does not know what exactly was captured on video, but it is part of the investigation.

Crutchfield has been granted a restraining order against the principal. Both Crutchfield and Gregory remain on paid leave.

Crutchfield's attorney said he has told the Prince George's County Public Schools CEO that he wants damages for his client and for Gregory to be fired.

Tucker said what happened was the culmination of years of problems between the principal and teacher.

FOX 5 tried to reach out to Gregory for her side of the story, but we have not heard back from her as of Wednesday night.

A principal's union representative said there is more to the story, but Gregory is waiting for the investigation to be finished before speaking out.